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PeerGuardian 2 FAQ

  • Does PeerGuardian 2 block all protocols?

    On Windows 2000, XP, and 2003, PG2 will block all protocols. On Windows 98 and ME, PG2 will only block TCP.

  • I have allowed connection logging turned on but nothing seems to be showing up. What’s wrong?

    PeerGuardian 2 for Windows 9x does not currently support logging/showing of allowed connections.

  • I heard PeerGuardian takes up tons of CPU. Is this still true?

    No! While 1.x was a big CPU hog, you shouldn’t ever notice 2.x over 1% usage.

  • Do I need to install any drivers?

    Nope. PeerGuardian does this all for you.

  • What lists should I use?

    The only list you need is P2P. Others may want to block spyware or ads, etc. For blocking ads, it is recommended that you use something more tailored for that like the Firefox plugin Adblock or Proxomitron.

  • How safe is PeerGuardian, really?

    Well, it is accurate in the sense that it blocks everything on your blocklist. It is impossible to know _all_ the addresses to block so while it will increase your safety to a good extent, it can never be perfect.

  • PeerGuardian is blocking my favorite site! How do I unblock it?

    Right click in the log and add it to your permanent allow list.

  • Is it safe to turn off the “Block HTTP” option?

    It is recommended that you add it to your pemanent allow list instead. If Block HTTP is off, it is possible for others to sneak in through port 80 or 443.

  • PeerGuardian says “Blocking 0 IPs”. Is it safe?

    Due to the interest in PG2 our server for Blocklist.org went down under a huge load. It is back up, but you will need to upgrade to Beta 2 or greater and delete your .conf file.

  • Can PeerGuardian replace my firewall?

    No! PeerGuardian has been heavily optimized for what it needs to do and is _not_ a replacement for your firewall.

  • The number of IPs blocked in PeerGuardian just dropped! How do I block them again.

    If the number of IPs dropped, it is for good reason. We are constantly updating and fine-tuning our lists, which includes removing safe IPs.

  • Why can’t I run PeerGuardian under my normal user account?

    The 2000/XP/2003 version needs to install a driver, something that normal users can’t do. You can set the shortcut to run it as Admin, or use the 98/ME version.

  • PeerGuardian isn’t working for me, or is interfering with my firewall. What can I do?

    PeerGuardian is known to be incompatible with McAfee and BlackICE firewalls. Outpost is also known to cause a problem if you shut down PG2 while it is running. There is currently no way around this, so we recommend you try switching to another firewall like Sygate. If PeerGuardian still isn’t working, you can try an alpha build to see if it’s been fixed, or report a bug.

  • PeerGuardian blocked someone, should I be worried?

    Well, it was blocked, so why would you worry? It’s when bad stuff isn’t blocked that you have a problem.

  • Many allowed packets are scrolling by my PeerGuardian window, should I be worried?

    PeerGuardian shows all allowed connections by default, these are all the things that aren’t in your blocklist. The option can be turned off in settings.

  • I’ve heard rumors that PeerGuardian is unsafe. Are they true?

    They are just that: rumors. PeerGuardian is safe. We are even Open Source, so you can go look for yourself (something the people spreading the rumors don’t offer).

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