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Some things that need more attention

I found this via Pandora:
According to SaveNetRadio,

The Copyright Royalty Board in Washington, DC has more than tripled the royalty rates for webcasters[...]. These exorbitant rates go into effect on May 15 (retroactive to Jan 1, 2006!).

Of course such a change will put a lot of webcasters and services like Pandora out of business.
Last.Fm would be another candidate for bankruptcy.
So, please visit this petition page and tell your member of congress how you feel on this matter.

The other issues i wanted to draw your attention to are proposed changes in U.S. legislation.
Thanks to Spy1 for providing info about them.
Please read this thread on a draft regarding standardized, centralized and chipped IDs
It also holds links to petitions to oppose this draft.
Also, please read this post regarding how the “Justice Department Proposes Vast Expansion of Domestic Surveillance”,
effectively granting warrantless surveillance of private individuals.

Reduced to its’ most basic description, this change to the way things are done – or not – supposedly via the FISA court gives the government everything they could ever possibly want in the way of warrantless, totally-without oversight-or-recourse data-mining of every single citizen in the United States.

It needs to be opposed by everyone – in no uncertain terms and in every possible way.

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